Verses To Give You More Motivation To Get Your Education


I am an Ace On The Case

helping to set the pace

in the intellectual race

to be in finish in first place.


The reason that I am going to college

is to gain more knowledge

so that I can earn big bucks per hour.

And to increase my intellectual skill

so that I can be a big wheel

in the corridors of high power.


If something is true

then it can be trusted

but if it is only new

it still might get rusted.


The aftermath of the study of math

as you will eventually find

will be more facility in your ability

to plan and design.


A "mathlete" excels in mathematical


just as an athlete excels

on the sporting fields.


An athlete is hard to beat

in the 100 meter dash

but a mathlete on Wall Street

can earn a lot of cash.


A Big Man in stature or size

will not hesitate to apologize

when a mistake has occurred.

For something that we all will make

is a mis + take

which is equal to a single word.


Something that we all will eventually make

can be written as a mis + take.

But as long as we don't continually repeat it

its impact will be defeated.


When I reach the mountain top

I will observe the village below.

But that is not where I will stop

I will continue to grow.

For the stars are the limit of my career trip

and I will even design my own star ship.


The First Verse was deep and profound

and when it was uttered it was the very first sound

and though the last verse is yet to be spoken

the power of that First Verse

is still unbroken!


During each and every hour

and for every minute in it

there are sixty ticks

of the second hand

and if time is power

then the way you choose to "spin it"

will determine how much power

will be at your command

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