Bore And Stroke


Would the mysteries be missed

if they were all uncovered?

Would a state of boredom persist

if there was nothing left to be discovered?


Will history resist

having it’s secrets revealed?

When future lovers kiss

will they still be thrilled?


The bore and stroke

determines an engines’ size

but the fuel whose residue is smoke

is where the power lies.


Sometimes through a lucky stroke

great discoveries are made.

And sometimes if dirty garments are allowed

to soak

the dirt and grime will fade.


Yes dirt and grime

has its proper place

but most of the time

we try to have it all erased.


But as the piston moves to and fro

by way of its bore and stroke

the bored will continue to grow

intellectually broke.



The Pro And The Con

If a Con should start to conduct himself like a pro
and then start producing a good product
then should the average Joe expect to grow
into a guy in the know who can generate good luck?

If you have wheat and if you have heat
then you can bake bread to eat.
And if you want your family life to be stable
then set all around the dinner table
so that they will be more successfully able
to effectively compete.

But try and let your purchases be small
when you visit the mall
or you will end up spending all
of your hard earned dough.
And don't use your credit card
because if you are not real smart
you will not know when to stop buying
or when to pack up and go.

License To Write Poetic Verse

Look ahead because  what is behind
is not the natural view.
But focus your mind instead on where you are
and what lies ahead of you.

Your eyes are in front
and what is behind is in the rear
and any activity on either side
will be detected by the ear.
So there is no reason
to look to either side
nor especially to the rear
So look and proceed straight ahead
your objective does appear.

Keep your eyes focused in front
and your ears attentive to either side
then you can stay in the hunt
with each power step or stride.

A true story is something that your computer can store
until you are good and ready to tell it
but always check your facts once more
just before you email it.

Fiction is not true
although it may have an interesting plot.
Nevertheless it is something that more than a few
people like a lot.