April will soon be opening her eyes
to the return of American Baseball
to the smell of hot dogs and fries
and deep flies against the wall.
"Strike three" the umpire will often call
even if the batter did not even swing
but when the ball makes a 100 mph zing
it is awfully  hard to see the darn thing!

Will Sammy Sosa continue to be hot
once the regular season has started?
Because then his stellar pre - season stats
will be officially disregarded!

And then it will be May
with June waiting on deck.
But will the stars be earning the pay
written on each $million dollar check?

In mid July there will be the All Star Game
in which all of the Super Stars will take a bow.
And if the level of hustle is not quite the same
it will be all that their agents will allow.

But what about Derek Jeter
and his Jordan Brand shoe laces
will they make him so much "more fleeter"
that he steals more than forty bases!?

In August and September there will be a pennant chase
in which all the best teams will play a part.
But by then the Cubs will be in their usual place
as in bringing up the rear guard.

Will there be an October for the Red Sox
that team from Bean Town?
Or will they like it is often in the market for stocks
in October be down?

As in out of the play - offs.
But hopefully rising stock prices
wont take too many days off!

Now back to that team
on Chicago's North Side.
Will this be the year that a marvelous dream
pushes the annual nightmare aside?

But this year Dusty Baker will not have to worry
if Kerry Wood pitches lame,
But it will be Lu Piniella who will have to worry
if Mark Prior will do the same!

The games of summer must eventually fall
victim to Winter's frozen sand
but not before one team in the World Series
wins a trip to Disney Land!

But March will be again just around the corner
ready to bring Spring back
and hopefully with all of our brave and loyal troops
returning home from Victory in Iraq!

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