Enhance Your Chance For Romance With Sweet Wines And Clever Lines

A Clever Line Will Impress Her Mind To Accept Your Invitation To Dine!

Show  some real appreciation for your girl friend or wife.
Let her know why she is so important in your life!
In your chosen profession you are ranked near the top
but when it comes to writing clever romantic lines you  often flop!

So delegate the writing to a Pro
because you are busy advancing  your career
and then watch her face start to glow
when she reads the words that she wants to hear!

The Romance Verse (at least 24 lines) will be written based upon the information
that you provide. But here are a few  Sample!

I have eyes only for you

and sometimes I wish I had more than two.
But let me also be politically correct
and also complement your intellect!

I have eyes only for you
and if I worked on a construction crew
all of  the other guys
would say the same thing too!

I also have a pair of bi - focals
to help me when I write my music vocals
that I will sing for the neighborhood locals
but only if the audience is exclusively you!


Below Please provide the requested info about your girl friend or wife.
That way the Romantic Verse can be specifically written for her.  If the
question is not applicable just write "N.A." or leave blank. All of the
answers to the questions are optional but the more info that you can
supply the easier it will be for her to recognize that the verse was
written just for her.

First name /Nick name:

Eye Color:                   

Hair Color:                  

Body Type (check one)

Plus Size

Height  (check one)


Below please list some of her cultural preferences

Favorite Singer:              

Favorite Rock Band:       

Favorite TV Show:         

Below please list three of her favorite hobbies or recreational activities in  order
of preference.

First Hobby:              

Second Hobby:          

Third Hobby:             

Educational/Professional Background

College Major:      

Type of Job:          

Month of Birth:     

Now in your own words briefly list a few of best things that you
like about her or briefly describe the reasons that you like her.

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