Impress Her Mind With A Romantic Clever Line!

A good collection of clever pick up lines is an important part of your sense of humor. 
And a good sense of humor is a an essential part of a winning personality! Regardless 
of your age, gender, ethnicity or nationality, it does not hurt to have a great personality!

If you meet a young lady and you want to break the ice, there is nothing wrong with telling
her something humorous or nice. Such as: I have eyes only for you and what I am seeing
is such a beautiful view that I could really use more than two! These and other clever pick
up lines are much better than asking about astrological signs!

But you don't think that using words written by somebody else is being true to your own
personality? Perhaps. But then again,  if you really put your mind to it, you could probably
design your own watch or even your own car so that both of them looked and ran magnificently!
You would, of course, need to spend many years in college and graduate school studying
mechanical engineering, drafting and patent law! But even that is not an impossibility.

But somewhere awhile back you came to the sensible conclusion that you should pick up on
a line of work that was more suitable to your natural talents and abilities. So you applied
yourself and became one of the best at what you are now doing! And you left designing the
watches and the cars to other specialists. Well there are specialists who also write very clever
romantic and humorous lines that can be used to introduce yourself as a real cool
guy who is also witty, smooth and perhaps a bit sly.

* Please excuse me if I appear to stare but you do have such a beautiful pair...... of eyes!
or another humorous and clever pick up line such as:

* I think that I will play my hunch and invite you out to lunch. We can have a drink
   and a bite to eat and I wont permit you to think about that new  spreadsheet.
So because you are a busy professional and you have other things to do first you want to
leave the writing of the romantic lines to a Master Of Verse.

You can rewrite them on a blank card, if you like, in your own hand , or you could deliver them
verbally from your heart as a cool witty  and clever man!

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to accept your invitation to dine.... So that you can talk about flavorful wines instead of astro signs,
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