Bracelets For His Ankles And For Her Wrists

He gave her a diamond studded bracelet for her wrists
and she gave him a sweetly worded kiss
but that is nothing that the social norms have forbade.
But he got a bracelet for his ankle
from Federal Judge Rankle
for that big illegal insider trade!

So why didn't he get time in that old cell block?
Because his attorney argued that that would be detrimental
to his company's stock!
And that it would have repercussions throughout the economy as a whole.
So he was only confined to house arrest
but since he lives at such a prestigious address
the champagne for him and his blond will always stay cold!

To Be Translated To German

A large kitty cat
once caught a trifling rat
but the  gritty bitty bat
was made to quickly scat
while wise and witty men,
some no longer thin
just sat around  the den
and chewed a little fat.

And a pretty girl sat
on a long gray mat
in her almost empty flat
after doing a little of this
and then a little of that
before she took off of the rack
and then unpacked
a new back pack
for her cute little brat.  

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