The Bears Vs. The Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints

are coming to town
and it will take more than a lake breeze
and mediocre play to bring them all down.

But the Bears are emboldened
with a Super Bowl dream
and come Sunday there will be no holding
back this team!

Our talented Quarterback Rex
will be sharp on virtually every pass
using the end zone of the Saints as a text
in his quarterbacking master class.

He will pick apart the coverage
on both the strong and the weak side
and he will hit receivers deep
without them having to break stride!

And the Bears pass rush
will regain its old form
putting plenty of arms around Drew Brees
to keep him comfy and warm
but not before bring him down
to the Soldier Field grass
where he is hardly bound
to be complete much of a pass!

Hopefully the Saints will not pout
as they go marching out
but the Bears must then begin
to prepare for a Super Bowl win!

So that Chicago can lay claims
to that magnificent Super Bowl Crown
and keep it until the summer  games
of the 2016 Olympiad comes to town!

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