Views of selected news events on or about 12-14-2006

News Item: "South Korea builds world's largest
garbage - fueled power plant"

Instead of letting garbage clutter up the soil
South Korea is now using it instead of oil.
Methane gas from land - fill refuse
is now at long last being put to good use.

Electricity is now being produced
from the burning of the gas of methane
so that the rate of depletion can be reduced
on the fossil fuels that do remain.

Can we afford to let South Korea
take the lead in such an important matter?
When will We start making dairy feed
so that hamburger wont make us that much fatter?

News Item: "Alcohol ban eyed on N.Y. commuter rails"

After a long hard day on corporate tax
an accountant heads home via the Metro tracks
looking forward to a beer as a way to relax.

But if they put through a ban on the drinking of beer
even in the car that is attached to the rear
his plans to have a drink might have to get the ax.

Of course you should not drink if you intend to drive
but once at home after you safely arrive
after that long boring trip on the Long Island line
pour yourself a fresh glass of sparkling red wine.

News Item: "World's tallest man saves China dolphins"

If you're 7 foot nine and you don't play basketball
what do you do with your state of being tall?
You listen when the vet doctors give you a call,
        to help to save the dolphins that swim in the pool.
The dolphins had found some plastic that they did try to eat
as an alternative to the much less elastic fish meat
and so everything else had to take a back seat
         once their appetites started them to drool.

With the help of some towels to keep open the dolphin's jaws
the tallest man used his long arms and his hands as claws
to pull the plastic from the belly of the fish.
Bao Xishun is the China man's name
and he truly deserves his few minutes of fame
but the dolphins should choose a more palatable dish.

News Item: Laughter found to be good medicine

It is true that laughter has been found to be contagious
so laugh anyway even if you don't find the following
(fiction) to be outrageous:

The crooks saw a lady in a form fitting suit
and she kept on  hitting
what she was trying to shoot!

Her target was them as they tried to skip town
but they could not flee because they kept falling down.
A part of her job is to serve and protect
and so the lady put the crooks down firmly in check.

And as they cooled their heels in a (hospital) jail
being put out of action by a sharp female,
the CEO of the almost robbed bank
recommended that the lady be promoted in rank.

News Item: Pope Benedict XVI spoke about "World Peace"
in a recent speech:

                         A PIECE FOR PEACE ??
                                        By RHB

What would the world do if there were World Peace?
Would the level of boredom in the world increase?
Is peace something that we all can handle
or would we all start yearning for more war and scandal?

If one had a piece of artillery or a piece in hand*
would he trade it in for a world peace plan?
Or would the level of hostility start to decrease
if every one who had one should turn in his piece?

If we always keep a piece for peace
can there ever truly be world peace?
Not until we open our eyes and become  as wise
as the three wise men from the east
and come to realize that the much sought after prize
is only in the hands of the Prince of Peace.

But America must always have
a strong  defensive deterrent,
kept operationally ready
and technologically current.
Because a World Peace Treaty
could turn out to be just a piece of paper
and we would still need the artillery piece
to keep the peace later.

*note: "a piece" is street slang for a hand gun.

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