We can thank the French
the creative people of France
for literature that is entrenched
in the language of romance.

We can thank the English
for providing Madonna a home
because she surely would not be welcomed
near the Vatican that is in Rome.

The previous statement is made
with tongue firmly in cheek
because we must thank the English
for the language that we fluently speak.

Our Big Oil companies can thank China
for being a bull in a China shop
because as long as it voraciously consumes oil
the price will never drop!

We must thank Germany
which has many a world class engineer.
and which also has provided the world
with a world class glass of beer.

We can also thank Austria
the home of Schubert and Mozart
And don't forget Australia
for giving us Rupert Murdock!

Grateful thanks are due to Japan
for their exquisitely engineered cars
and to Russia for vodka
that is fit for the palace of czars.

We can appreciate everything that is Canadian
including their rhythms circadian
because they are all endowed with cool.
For when winter sportsmen in Canada go ice - fishing
many of their American counterparts are busy wishing
for just a little ice in the pool.

Let's be thankful in advance for the U.S. and Mexico
for signing a treaty with a very special clause
that the citizens of each country have respect
for the other's immigration laws.

And Mexican immigrants who choose to volunteer
to help us out in Iraq
will also be put in line for naturalization
but in the front and not the back.

We can also thank Africa
for the continent that it has the potential to be.
For it can be more than self - supporting
once it is corruption free.

And every corrupt African dictator
and other corrupt  "rockefellers"
must step aside and make  way for
the real Nelson Mandela's.

We are not the only America
in the Western Hemisphere
for on the map another great continent to the south
majestically does appear.

And although Shakira
is from that region of the world
they have got much more shaking
than the hips on that girl!

And we can thank the Natives
of this great and bountiful land
for during the First Thanksgiving
they gave the Pilgrims a hand.

We can be most thankful for our men and women in uniform
who stand ready to invade or to storm
any enemy who threatens our peace.
For when a major crisis can't be defused by the diplomat
we are prepared to use combat
to force the enemy to desist and to cease!

And we must be especially thankful
for our troops on Iraqi soil.
And we must let them clearly know
that it is not just about the oil!

And we must be thankful to the Creator
of this magnificent Universe
including the glories of the heavens
that have moved poets to verse.