If I remember my history correctly the French provided America with assistance during our revolutionary
war and they gave us the Statue Of Liberty. And as a math guy I can appreciate the contributions of
such Frenchmen as D'alembert, Lagrange, Laplace, Legendre, Descartes and Pascal,  (just to name
a few) to math and science. Needlessly to say, the contributions of these and other men and women of
math/science have played an integral part in the development of the advanced level of technology that
we enjoy today.

So when the call came, a few years back, to boycott French fries I regarded it as perhaps well meant
but definitely misguided.

Notwithstanding the coming holiday break, spring/summer, a fall/winter does not make. So
instead of a humor in verse review of the entertainment scene, lets do something different
this week. Lets present the lyrics to "AmeriBurger With French Fries". This song was written in
July of 2000. In it I tried to celebrate summer in America: moms, apple pies, blues skies,
burgers and French fries.  Visions of Spring is also a favorite. See links below.

We wont forget the winter fans:

Some people like hockey, skiing or skating,
and the ice fishing season is for what some have been waiting
Some enjoy the scene of the trees covered with white.
And there is music in the sound of the winter wind
and as long as your clothing is not too thin
you can vividly see the stars on a clear winter night.

Visions Of Spring

AmeriBurger With French Fries

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