Intelrap is an alternative to urban hip - hop

for those with two years of college but did not decide to stop,

but to pursue their education to a higher degree

and who want their passive recreation profane free.

Intelrap is hip - hop but cerebral

in its style of conversation

with a tip top degree full

of useful information


The top of the bottom

is near the bottom of the top

if there is no middle.

And a string of notes

may be the notes of a string

if the instrument is a fiddle.

But a big fish

in a pond that is little

may end up on a dish

as part of some vittle.


If you want to learn the art of winning

you have to start at the beginning

and commence to stop losing.

For to experience victory

you have to be very quick to see

that the outcome is your own choosing.


The reality of the real

is its practical appeal

especially if it is pleasing to the senses.

But a noble dream deferred

should be much more preferred

than the folly of corrupted princes.


The Elders deserve respect

because they have the ability to detect

the truth when it does appear.

For even when one has gone to college

and tested positive for great knowledge

true wisdom does not come

until at least the 50th year.

The Elders deserve respect

because they have the ability to detect

the truth when it is told.

And if they have heard the truth before

that makes them even more

wise as they grow old.


All that glitters is not gold

as you have often heard

but all that is dross is not coal

is also a wise word.


Don't let yourself be bored with peace

or you may get bored by a piece

as in war time action.

But learn to be still

and you will learn to feel

no great need for distraction.


No concept is too difficult

for us to understand

if we use all of the tools

put at our command.

At the beginning

is the best place to start

and the best place to finish

is on the last part.


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