Let Our Schools Fly The Flag Outside
And Let The Students Have The Right
To Pray Inside

Only a bully nation would openly brag
about the power behind its flag
but as Americans we are quiet
we just simply love and fly it !

America will always stay
in the world power lead
but we must be willing to pray
before the hour of our need.

Let our flag fly high
but let's understand what it truly means
that all speech should be free
even if our cherished symbols
are demeaned.

For our flag means more
than a symbol that we love and cherish
but it also serves as a store
of the memory of those who have perished

some in foreign lands,

fighting for the oppressed
and the victims of tyrannical hate
and in their noble quest
showing why America is great!

and deserves all the respect that it commands.

To deliberately miss a great opportunity
is CloserThanThis to a special kind of lunacy!
The flag is our symbol but in God we must trust
so that we will never lag  or tremble under an enemy's boot or dust.

Is it better to have prayer in our state supported schools
than to have shots in the air fired by hate bloated fools?
No one knows the reasons for the school ground slayings
but how many of the killers were students used to praying?

The flag in America means equal opportunity
for every Eric and Erica in every small community.
And though some of our own have not attained an equal share
the days are long gone when it was legal to treat them unfair.

So let our flag fly proudly high over the land of great waters, rivers and streams
and let no enemy even try to invade our borders to destroy our noble dreams.

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