The Sub Teachers In The Cub Bleachers


When the Cub bleachers

are full of sub teachers

then maybe they will get some respect.

And when their pupils begin to behave

then maybe the relief pitchers will start to save

the leads that they should protect.


But there should not be baseball

in a high school hall

nor should it resemble a zoo

and when a fly ball

is allowed to fall

it should not be called

just another miscue.


And the next time that a high school girl should sneeze

in a game of the World Series

that is being played on Chicago's north side

then each and every Cub fan

and every high school revitalization plan

should be the objects of envious pride.


With test scores down in Chicago class rooms

and Cub heavy hitters using handles of brooms...

Boston has left Chicago far behind.

Now that the White Sox have finished in first

will our luvable Cubs still rehearse

their tendency to move in reverse

and make a rapid decline?


Hopefully Dusty Baker will be a true maker

of a team that is not a heart breaker

but of a team that will fulfill our dreams

before Ben and Jerry merge into a dairy...

of a farm that will make rice creams?


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