If a songwriter wants to know about the Entertainment Scene
then he must tune in to the Talk Show Queen!

That Certain Talk Show Host

When a poet begins to write
he is usually  inspired
by something in his sight
that is worthy to be admired.

Such as the beauty of the sunset
in the far western skies
or the twinkle that one gets
in a happy infant's eyes.

A poet writes as easily
as the fish swim the seas
as the summer wind easily
sway the limbs of trees.

But no one TALKS as easily
as That Certain Talk Show Host
who has charmed millions of viewers
from the east to the western coast.

For she is a pro
with true wit and charm
who can make it exciting to watch tomatoes grow
way down on the farm.

She has the knack for making a guest
feel very at ease
like a kangaroo sitting in its parent's pouch
allowing them to jump as much as they please
on her comfortable couch.

Her Leadership Academy in South Africa
will pay great dividends
for her efforts to train girls in that region
has won America many new friends.

Her Nobel Prize for Peace
future historians will note
along with her giving to each member of her audience
a brand new big boat.

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