If you have ever heard a song whose words and music
you have admired...
well first the composer had to be inspired.

Here's to a lady that deserves admiration
as well as respect
for her beauty and intellect.

Happy Birthday Aisha N. Tyler (Sept. 18)
             by Ronald H. Brady

Aisha N. Tyler,
born on September Eighteen
was destined to be
an ebony queen.

Born in San Francisco
on the Far West Coast
she has grown up to be
one of the most
gorgeous among  women
that the world has ever seen.

The lady has plenty
of cerebral assets
for graduating from Dartmouth
is as smart as it gets.

From the TALK show SOUP
to the mega hit Friends
the talented Ms. Tyler
scores near perfect tens.

Tyler wrote a book that pertains to Swerves
but at her it is hard to look and not see the curves
of the DNA specialist on CSI.
Though she has been married for quiet some time
a rapper once carried a ton of rhyme
up twenty five floors to try to catch her eye.

Although her birthday comes at the end of summer
and at the beginning of the new fall season
we all hope to hear a lot more from her
in the form of her comedy, wit and reason.

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