Phone Dating

If you only look half as good as you sound
then you still should wear the crown
of princess of your city.
Your parents should be highly praised
for having so skillfully raised
a young lady who sounds and looks so pretty.

Although we have only met by phone
I can tell by your vocal tone
that your personality does appeal.
And even when we do meet face to face
there is nothing that can erase
this huge mountain of a telephone bill.


America Overweight

Note: you have heard news accounts about
many Americans being overweight.

Well guys if you are going to be overweight
at least be sober for your next date
and if the extra pounds you will not loose
at least don't choose to drive on booze!


Shout it from the top of the mountain
let it echo through the atmosphere.
Not one more pound will you gain
from the excessive drinking of beer.
And as you see middle age fast approaching
and you still want to play and not be coaching
then you must control your weight!
So when you take the elevator up to meet her
with flowers and candy just to greet her
they wont make you take the one for freight.


Remembrance of Summer Romance

As we sit here at this time and place
admiring the rising of the sun
let us never forget our first embrace
when we first united as one.
And if circumstance should ever separate us
lets hope that it wont be for long
and that the singing cupid will serenade us
with his sweetest new love song.

And as we sit here at this place and time
with the wind blowing softly in your hair
I promise that if I travel the world and earn a whole dime
half of it with you I will share.

I have eyes only for you
and sometimes I wish I had more than two.
And although eyes cannot see the warmth of your inner being
you look very good to me in all that I am seeing.

I have eyes only for you
and what I am seeing
is such a beautiful view
that it makes me happy and excited too.

I also have a pair of bi - focals
to help me when I write my music vocals
that I will sing for the neighborhood locals
but only if the audience is exclusively you!

The waves of the sea rise frequently
when driven by the wind.
But the love that you save in waiting for me
makes me the luckiest among men.

When space and time keeps us apart
you are the star of my imagination
which accelerates the pace of my racing heart
until we are no longer in physical separation.

Wine, women and song
have been written about by masters of verse.
But in my mind only you belong
in the thoughts that come first.

Mozart wrote many bars
of wonderful melodies.
and in the night sky there are billions of stars
in billions of galaxies.

But none can compare to the twinkle of your eye.

There is already a song
by the name of Star Dust
but the birds of the morn
sing just for us

as the crystal dew falls from the morning sky.


Come Back Soon
For More Romantic Lines...
That will keep you in tune
with the pace of our times.
Because you are a busy professional
and you have other things to do first
so leave the writing of the lines
to a Master Of Romantic Verse.

And remember....

If your only line is to ask about her astro sign then she
may very well decline your invitation to dine.

Somewhere a song is being written
just for you and her
but even if the love bug has you smitten
strong drink you must defer.

But to dine with light wine with your lady under the stars
is still fine even if you don't mind
surrendering the keys to the car(s)

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