Jamie Dimon CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase gets a Celebratory Verse for free.
But that is just the way things are when you are a super star!

His Verse is based upon biographical info collected from the Web but yours
will be based upon the info that you provide. That way everyone will know
it is about you.  


Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon is more like a diamond

than an imitation work of glass.
With his Harvard MBA he evidently found a way
to matriculate through his class.

As a protege of Sandy Weill
at the venerable American Express
it did not take long for him to profile
himself as one of the best....

among the numerical whiz kids.

Commercial Credit was in Consumer Finance,
when the two of them bought it from Control Data.
By doing an acquisition or merger at every chance
they created CitiGroup a few years later.
Sandy Weill did the deals and the negotiations
and Jamie Dimon applied his numerical skills to the computations.

And so now Jamie is at JP Morgan Chase
where he can be an Ace On The Case?
In thorough command of a large financial ship?
In all his dealings with Investment Banking
and all it's integrated parts

and with the credit ranking
associated with credit cards

he can choose to crack the whip
so that his control will not slip!

But he is sure to lead with a firm handed grip.

Now you can prove that you have what it takes
to eventually earn what a CEO makes

because in your office you will be among the first
to display a Cool Celebratory Verse!

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