You Are A Professional And You Do What You Do Best!

But Let A Writing Pro Write What You Want To Express!

Verses Written To Order

If a friend or buddy has received a promotion, got married or engaged. Then perhaps you would
like to send a special well crafted note of congratulations.

Perhaps you have met a special lady and you want to send her a clever witty hand written card
that she will know was written just for her. You know what you want to say but you are a
super star accountant, engineer, lawyer, doctor...etc. But you are not a great writer. Well
don't be dismayed! We live in a world of specialization.

And I am a specialist in writing Verse, Prose, Poems or just ordinary dynamic, humorous
or witty text!  Just tell me the details or the specifics and tell me if you want your note/card
to be humorous, serious or a combination of both... and bingo! I will write it up for you and send
it to you via email. You can pay my very reasonable fee via PayPal.


Verses For Romance / Cooler Than The Wines Of France!


So Your Daughter Is In A Recital For Modern Dance!!

Or your son got an A in the Math of Finance!
You must be proud of their success.
So have a Specialist write a Congratulatory Note,
using words that you yourself would have wrote
if there was not all that work on your desk!

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But What About A Verse For Yourself?

You Deserve A Verse Today In Celebration Of Your Winning Way!

Why not have a special verse written in celebration of your own accomplishments
and success. Let the World know that you're the best! Have it framed and put it on
your office wall or desk.
So that one and all can read about your great success!

Want To See A Sample?

Please fill out the following questionnaire. The answers that you provide will be the
basis of your Celebratory Verse. All of the questions are optional but the more info
that you provide,  the more dynamic the Verse Of Celebration will be as a positive
 reflection  upon you and your accomplishments.

Name Of Present Employer:

Title Of Present Job             

Briefly List The
Duties Of Present Job          

Briefly List Three Of Your Major Career Achievements:

Achievement # 1       

Achievement # 2      

Achievement # 3      

What Is Your Philosophy For Success In Business?


List Three Hobbies Or Recreational Activities:

Hobby # 1       

Hobby # 2      

Hobby # 3      

List Three People In The Sports Or Entertainment World
Whose Work You Admire:

Person # 1       

Person # 2      

Person # 3      

List Membership In Professional Societies Or Civic


List  Any Scholarships, Citations Or



Now write a brief auto - biographical sketch or synopsis of your life.  List the most important
things (including family if  you so desire) that you want celebrated in verse.


Please keep in mind that your Celebratory Verse Will Be Written In A Style Of Cool
And Articulate Rhyme but would you also like a

(check one)

Liberal Amount Of Humor
Occasional Humor
No Humor

Now you are almost done! Just enter your Email Address in the Username Box below.

After clicking the "Submit" button you will be re-directed to the PayPal  Page where you can
make a secure payment of ONLY $10 for YOUR 40 LINES OF CLEVER  CELEBRATORY
VERSE that your family, friends and co - workers will really admire!!

Within 72 hours after receipt of your $10 payment the 40 Lines Of Verse Written To Order
 will be sent
to the email address that you provide.

You don't even have to have a PayPal account to order!

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Verses Written To Order For Your Son Or Daughter!

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