If the rappers of rhyme will give up crime

and the subject of guns in their conversations

then every boy in the hood may start doing good

in his pursuit of fun and recreations.


Let each rapper on the map decide to uncap

the power of his mind for making progress

then we will soon realize that before our eyes

will be the long awaited prize that is success.


When the loyal troops return from Iraq

and play some hoops in the court out back,

let them feel safe when they get back home...

So when they get in their cars to drive to the mall

they won't have to think they got a new call

to the local scene of a neighborhood brawl

where one brother whacks another

just to steal his comb.


When the troops are home from Central Baghdad

let them not be strafed by a brother whose mad

because his lady was talking to another man.

But let Laquita, Chikita and even Liz

all get an A on the next math quiz

as a positive step for a better homeland.


If the positive rappers don't have a right to be heard

then a flying wing flapper is not a bird

but is just an imposter in the midst of the air.

So right here and now let's choose to link

our minds together with the will to think

that the top of the mountain will find us up there.


An intensified course in positive rap

may do little to change the test score gap

but it sure deserves a heck of a try.

If we write with our hands, like we dance with our feet,

a good master plan for overcoming defeat

then every nay sayer will have told a lie.


So when the troops get back home

let them read a good tome

on the job that they did so well,

instead of getting shot

in a ghetto back lot

by some thugs with some drugs for sale.


So lets reverse the RAP

and rise above PAR

because the world needs to know

how smart we are.


Be above reverse rap

be above par.

Put yourself on the map

as an intellectual star.


If you take yourself far above par

then you will have a chance to spar

in a ring of stars.

But not necessarily in a boxing ring

or even with rappers who sing

but with those who pull the strings as the kings and czars.

"Rap" Algebra 101

Reverse RAP = PAR

To be above reverse rap = to be above par.


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