Ronald Brady has a BS degree in math from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, (June, 1990)
and an MS degree in math from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, (Sep. 1993). He has
conducted independent research on a large number of important topics in Mathematical Physics.

One of his objectives is to make significant contributions to the Ultimate Unification of Theology,
Philosophy, Math/Science, the Arts and Human Interactions. One line of thought as to why this
may be possible is presented in what follow.

The melodic and the poetic lines are unified in songs. World lines and geometric lines are studied
in the theory of relativity and math. Line - ups are employed in criminology and baseball (and other
sports). The bottom line is important in finance. Therefore the poet may conceivably think of the
Universe as a United Line of Verse
 (of different types). And there are physicists who believe that
tiny micro- nano strings are the ultimate
 constituents of nature. Certainly in that case lines play a fundamental role in natural phenomena. Because strings indeed exist in the form of lines!

When viewed from outer space
the earth has no boundary lines.
But on a map one can easily trace
the path where such lines are found.
So if the adventures of mankind
are not to be limited in their size
then man must seek the guidance
of the infinitely intelligent and  wise.