This is a rap from the positive tip

if you cannot dig it don't give me no lip.

Just relax and enjoy the ride

cause I'm gonna reveal your mind

and show you what you got inside.

We are on our way to the head of the class

because we are too smart to come in last.

We will read our books and sharpen our minds

and learn to calculate like real Einsteins.

The turn of the century has set the stage

for turning our history to a brand new page.

We will reach for the top where we belong

and we wont stop singing our power rap song.

We will stay in school and make the grade

so we can all get jobs and be well paid.

We can do it if we make up our mind

we have to get it together so we wont be behind.

Everybody knows we are fast on our feet

when the music comes on we can jump to the beat

but let it be known that you will be incorrect

if you say we have a shortage in our intellect.

Taking drugs is not our style

for that will put our dreams in a wreck of a pile

but being the best that we can be

will bring our dreams to reality.

We can excel in the science and arts

because we got what it takes including the smarts.

So we will fill up our hearts with self - esteem

and make up our minds to follow our dream.



To say that IntelRap

is free of negative crap

is not to put down urban hip hop

but wouldn't you prefer a rhyme

that does not glorify crime

but tries to influence it to stop!

It is time for the inner city to wake up from its nap

and get out of sync with that ultra negative rap

and to proclaim in a bold proclamation

that our primary aim is to get an education.

Yes an educated fool is hard to find

but there are a heck of a lot of that other kind.

So lets choose to be wise in the ways of the world

and so open up the eyes of the street walking girl

to want to make a living through word processing

instead of taking and giving while she's undressing.

And let the men know that they are first class wimps

if they even as much as so dream of beings pimps

but let it be cool to be engineers

driving the trains or designing the gears.



Tell your homies to stop the homicide

so that little Joey can play outside

and not be hit by

the flying chunks of lead.

When the shadowy figure

puts his finger on the trigger

does it make him feel bigger

to shoot Joey in the head?


Is the style of rap culture

acting like a vulture

and consuming

the cream of our youth?

If it stops the large amounts

from flowing in their accounts,

do you think that the rappers

will tell you the truth?

Will it help to narrow

the test score gap

if we cut back a little

on that hard core rap?

and replaced it with something of a positive appeal.

Put a picture in your mind

of a vision of success

and then work 'til you find

a way to do your best

and then that vision in your mind will turn to real.


It takes a lot of...

co - ordination

to do a cool... improvisation

when the nation's anthem is sung.

But that very same kind of cerebral power

if properly used during the study hour

will take you to the top of the business tower

where the trophies of rich are proudly hung.

Tell your homies to stop the homicide

so the doors of opportunity

will open more wide.


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