Paris Hilton,  who once starred in a steamy video with Tommy Lee,
has incurred her bruises and bumps.  But she is a pretty big girl
as one can easily see,
and can take her bruises and lumps.

But despite her sparse preparations Paris is reportedly in negotiations
to portray Mother Teresa on the big Silver Screen.
But should she be denied the chance to play a saint
by critics using broad brushes to unfavorably paint
her as the character in the Tommy Lee video scene?
Would that be too mean?

Is Lindsay Lohan seeing Paris Hilton's ex - man? If so is that playing fair?
Or is Lindsay just being curious (while making Paris furious) about
dating a Greek shipping heir?

The difference between Paris Hilton and Charis Wilson is the difference
between the poor and the rich.
While Charis is destined to work as a mail room clerk,
the heiress of Paris is free to play the part of  the rich girl jerk.

But is it the fault of Paris
that she was born rich
or would Charis hesitate
if given the chance to switch?

When Paris Hilton has her nails done
the finger nail polish must cost a ton!
But the pretty rich girl can easily  afford it.  
And when  she wants to take a cruise on a luxury ocean liner
 she can order private crews just to wine and dine her
after  flamboyantly arriving in style to board it.

But as a certified member of the global jet set,  how much more cool
can you get than to take a cruise on an ocean liner and have breakfast
in bed in her private room diner?

And if she wanted to take a dip in the ocean liner  pool,
while wearing something scanty,  sexy  and cool
then only a graduate level certified  fool
would have the composure not  to drool.

Now bring the car for the future movie  star
and provide a chauffer, tv and a slightly wet  bar.
And assorted entrees of things to eat
and on cool summer days maybe something sweet.
And maybe a few candy bars with low calories
prepared by a team of snack czars with high salaries.

Is the Hilton of Paris fit for an heiress,
or is it more the style of the Wilson of Charis?

When Britney is not in a family way, who is the hottest: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton

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