"Pam A Lot" Is Hot May Be An Easy Rhyme
But Both of  Pam's Gams Are Still In Their Prime

Pamela Anderson has put in a lot of time in bathing attire near swimming pools.
And at the peak of her prime she was Lisa the Girl with the Tools.
When she co-starred in "Home Improvement" her career moved up a notch.
And she got a chance for a lot of sensual movement as a lifeguard on "Baywatch".

Pam was married to Tommy Lee supposedly before his Paris Affair
then she starred in "V.I.P." which for 4 seasons had a healthy Nielsen's share.
Although reportedly she has had breast implants she was a natural for the Fox
show "Stacked",
but from here she gets raves and not rants for the useful causes she has backed.

Pam has posed as a Playboy Playmate
and in sexy scenes by the pool
but that does not stop her from being willing to participate
as a teacher at her son's Sunday school.