The Nobel Prize is a Noble Quest


What is the physical state of the Nobel Prize

when observed with a rest frame observers’ eyes?



The Nobel Prize is a Noble Quest

that has motivated many to rise

to their level best

as scientists or theoreticians


in the scientific world.


But a knowledge of math

certainly enhances

their ability to understand

the quantum dances


that are mathematically described by

the divergence, gradient and the curl.



Expectation is a measure of the chance

that an elementary particle will get

an “invitation to dance”

to the music of the physics of the super strings.


But a theory based upon first order approximations

may serve to limit accurate calculations

long before the Fat Lady sings...


about quarks and other such things.



If the Nobel Prize is a Noble Quest

then the observer’s eyes who remains at rest

when all that is around him

is in an accelerated state...


will be able to write

an invariant transformation

that will be able to preserve

all the useful information

that a theoretical linguist

is able to translate.