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General Solution of 3D Wave Equation

Humor In Abstract Math

If there is one and if there is another then surely one of them must be
the other.
   An informal  proof is given.

Cubic Complex Variables And Some (Potential) Applications

A straight forward generalization of Complex Variables with
potential applications to Uniformly Accelerated Motion: A Generalization
of the Lorentz Transformations.

Algebraic Generalization Of The Second Order Lorentz Transformations (SOLT)

A Particular Solution To y'' + Sy = 0

A Particular Solution To The Tricomi Equation

Second Order Lorentz Transformations in 2 Spatial Dimensions (SOLT-2SD)

Interesting Generalizations And Other Useful (New) Concepts

The General Solution Of The PDE: U_x + U_y + P(x, y)*U = 0

Math Art


Nobel Physics Prize


Third Order O.D.E./Damped Harmonic Motion



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