A Good Knowledge of Math will direct your path
toward a very successful career.
Whether you  plan to be a lawyer, a doctor
or a brewer of  beer.!

A knowledge of the math of finance  my not enhance
your maximal chance for  finding romance
but  it could elevate your monetary compensation
to the stratosphere!

And a mastery of the science of computation
will provide more facilitation for the  preparation
of the implementation of each budgetary allocation
for the whole duration of the fiscal year!

A function maps the elements of one set
into certain elements of another.
INTELRAP  is just such a map  presented by
one member of a conversational duo to the other.

A map of the UnitedVerses of the Universe
which details the actions of molecules, the stars
and even commerce.


The Theorem Of The Other  (Abstract Math Humor)

Statement of Theorem:

Given a set {a, b} of distinct elements a and b, choose to refer to
one of the elements as "the one" and to the remaining element as
"another",  then one of the elements must be the other.


Suppose that we choose to refer to element a as"the one" and to b
as "another", then we have, since "another" is just the contraction
of "an other", "another" = "an other". We may therefore write

a   =   "the one"                                                                                        (1)

b   =   "another"  =  " an other "                                                           (2)

Now since there are only two elements of the set and since we
have already chosen a  to be a = "the one", then it follows that
"an other" must  be THE other. So equation (2) may be written

b  =  "another" =  "an other" = "the other".  So we have

b  = "the other"                                                                                    (3)

So referring to (1) and (3), we have

{a, b}  = {the one, the other} dropping the parenthesis for
typographical convenience.  We thus arrive at

{a, b}  =  the set with two elements: the one and the other.  So
since b = "the other"  is an element of  {a, b} it follows that
one of the elements is  "the other" and this completes the

Great efforts are being made, across the globe, to unify the
four forces of nature. The following, however, is a modest effort 
in the direction of unifying abstract math and verse:
Nothing we must not forget
is the content of the empty set.

But if a set has only one element
then it does not contain another.
But if a set has two elements ,
then one of them must be the other.

There are more serious and exciting things to come
in both  computational and abstract math. 

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