America works and America plays

and so even some jerks have good days.


But gender interaction is the result of mutual attraction.


Introductory Conversation:



    I have eyes only for you but right now I need more than two.



   Is looking at me all that you do?



    And although eyes cannot see the warmth of your inner being
    you look very good to me in all that I am seeing.
    I have eyes only for you
    and what I am seeing
    is such a beautiful view
    that it makes me happy and excited too.
    I also have a pair of bi - focals
    to help me when I write my music vocals
    that I will sing for the neighborhood locals
    but only if the audience is exclusively you!


America has worked efficiently and smart

to make itself the greatest economic power in the world

and its reward is in part

that every guy should have a girl

and vice versa.


America can militarily crush any foe

but is not reluctant to go

the last mile for peace

and after a hard day on the office beat

life for the American is not complete

until there is some release...


But remember that


Responsible fun

comes in a family getting

and after your daily work is done

that is what you should be getting



and if you forward this message to at least 10 friends

you will potentially multiply your fortunes by powers of ten!


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