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Now that Jennifer Lopez has cancelled her Dubai concert,
will the tour promoter lose all of his shirt? But what about Michael,
will he try to flirt and what are the odds in Vegas that his feelings
will get hurt.?

And who sat in at the Master Poker table and who wanted to sit but
was not financially able?
But do we have a part for a tennis star, Anna Kournikova wherever
you are?And let's put Lindsay Lohan in a scene at the bar before she
drives away in her fully loaded car.

Celebrity Gossip is in the news 
so even a Positive Rapper can't refuse
to put in his $Billion Dollars worth.
But if a Celebrity can't take a joke
then the Positive Rapper will not invoke
his right to make fun of the Celebrity's girth.

Though most celebrities will not have to apply for a home loan,
they often deal in $million real estate transactions and they
will often loan their homes to members of  elite factions.
And they purchase their real esatate in Beverly Hills where
they  nonchalantly wait for their plastic surgery bills. 

In Hollywood a plastic surgeon is a status symbol and a face lift
is to be expected: when the stars get older and not so nimble
they have to get that corrected.

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