When a defensive player makes a tackle
he wants to hear the runners pads crackle
The louder the better to get the job done
so when the game is over his team will have won.

The guards must  be  quick on the pads
if the offensive line is to be strong.
But the defensive line must be quick on the pads
to keep the play from going long.

If you will recall some have said that football
has become the favorite pastime
but whether you know it or not baseball is still very hot
especially when the summer is in its prime.

All high school players must wear their pads
to keep great injury from coming quick on the lads
But is it easier to keep off of the injured reserve
than to hit a fastball or a sharp breaking curve?


When Joe Six Pack leaves home for work
he will try not to attack the office head jerk.
But he wants to be a hit in doing his job well
so he can get back home and rest for a spell.

When a baseball player takes his turn at bat
he wants to hit safely and return to "where he is now at."
From home to work and work back to home
it is the same in Spain, New York or Rome.

So life is like the game of baseball,
you want be a hit in doing your job or hit it over the wall.
But once in a while you will have a day
when a potential hit is stolen by away.

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If the guys played hard but still did lose
and are feeling a bit of the losers' blues
is it fair to pick on the lads?
Maybe next time they will play harder,
study the game plan and play a little smarter
and definitely try to be more quick on the pads!

Football is like combat but what about baseball?

Gen. George S. Patton was a writer of verse
and as a great tank commander he is ranked as first.
Combat was one of the things he did love
but baseball has it too with the bat and the glove.

Great Tank Commander Writes Profound Verse

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