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Everyday Americans, all over our country, perform numerous good deeds.
Often, they go out of their way (or subject themselves to dangerous situations)
to help their fellow man. So far, the public's appetite for ordinary good news has
not motivated the mass media to report it on the front pages of the newspapers
or as the lead stories in the evening newscasts.

Nevertheless, we are all aware of the fact that the world is not perfect. One
imperfection in the world is the existence of bigots.There will always be bigots.
There are bigots of every stripe and hue who don't like anyone who is different
from themselves. But not every member of the larger community
is anti - black! To think so would be quite paranoid. There are non - blacks who
are willing to help blacks to improve the inner city schools.

That brings us to the teacher at Fenger H.S., in Chicago, who wrote a blog. A
description of his blog appeared in the Chicago Tribune of 4-22-2006. Why did
he write it? Could he have been described as a "racist" before he came to Fenger?
In such matters we must diligently search for the truth for the sake of our youth. I
did not mean to rhyme before it was time but then again I do write Positive Rap:

Why did that teacher write such an internet log and talk about us like a dog?
Was there malice in his heart?
But if his blog contained even one grain of truth, perhaps it is time for our youth
to start acting like they are smart!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", but we don't have to wait a
thousand years for others to help before we start helping one another.
Before the feeling of inferiority starts to harden we may have to start earlier than
even kindergarten to give our kids a home with both a father and a mother.

For the daughter of a single mom will one day likely be the same
although fruit can fall far from the tree from which it came!
But a son who also has a responsible father in the house
will probably not grow up to be a man who beats upon his spouse.

Let's Give The Good Teachers The Chance To Teach

Let's give good teachers a chance to teach at our schools
by encouraging our students not to break the safety code rules.
Can you blame a teacher with a valid safety concern
for not wanting to teach students who seemingly don't want to learn?

Let's give good teachers a chance to teach and then soon our students will
start to reach the top of the mountain of scholastic success.
For some of the problem is our own fault enhanced by the fruits that
negative rap has brought and it will not get better until the truth is confessed.

You can start by teaching your son or your daughter
not to contribute to school house disorder but to give the good teachers
their full respect.
And by the time that he has graduated
he will be well educated and not likely to become a college reject.

For a Dynamic example of Positive Rap check out:

We Are On Our Way

Positive Rap will help the kids to find somewhere else to hang
other than by joining a stupid street gang and doing neighborhood drive - by's.
It will help them to know that they can learn to be men without doing their brothers in
or by leaving the sisters with babies but no husbands or fatherhood ties.

Motivation For Students

You don't have to prove anything to the Fenger High School Blogger
but you could choose to prove it to your own
that your school will not always be a scholastically slow jogger
but that you are just getting ready to turn the academic speed on....

And then to accelerate into the Advanced Placement Zone....
Faster than sprinting athletes on steroids except that you will be mathletes running
on your natural smarts. That's right! Just take the time to focus and to study hard
and you will soon start to see that you are naturally smart....
As a Mathlete who excels in mathematical skills just as an athlete excels on the
athletic fields!

Notice To Positive Rappers

Negative Rap has had it's day, now it's time for the Positive Rappers to have their say.
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How You Can Help?

If you think that the style of Intelrap will help your child to uncap the great potential
for knowledge that is in his mind and will help the community to eventually find a way
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A Vector In Your Sector

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Presently you can't deduct such a contribution from your tax return but hopefully the
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Nevertheless, the paperwork is now being initiated for a tax exempt non-profit section
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