Have Your Life Celebrated In Verse!

And Then Show It To Your Friends.

Would you like a verse to celebrate your life,

your special girl friend or wife?

All I need is some biographical information

and it will be written to your specification.


If you have a special spouse or child

whose deeds frequently make you smile,

then that person deserves to be celebrated.

Just provide me with a little biographical data

and in just a few days later

the special verse will be all formulated.


It will be almost as if you wrote it yourself.

I will just be taking your ideas and adding a

professional touch.


We're living in the information age

where there's a specialist on virtually

every web page

and so since I am a specialist in words of rhyme

why settle for a writer who is sub - prime?




Who am I?


I am Math Scholar

who is also gifted in music and rhyme

and as surely as 50 CENTS = one half dollar

a nickel is half a dime.



for the person that you want celebrated

(even yourself) just email me some biographical

information such as:

1a) your first name (or nick name): last name is optional

1b) first name or nick name (of person to be celebrated in verse):last name optional

2) sex (male or female)

3) color of eyes

4) color of hair

5) any other (positive) physical features

6) profession (type of work)

7) future goals

8) hobbies

9) talents that the person may have such as singing, dancing or


10) give a description of any award(s), citations or special

       recognition that the person has received

11) what is the relationship of that person to you

12) in your own words: state how is that person special in

     your life.

Your Completed  Witty and Clever Verse will be sent to you

via email or (for extra cost) by U. S. mail if you want it in

special type,  printed on a greetings card or in a larger than

standard size.

In any event you  can frame it or place it on the wall to be seen

(and talked about) by one and all.

How Much Will This Cost You?

The price will be within reason

considering how much joy the verse will bring.

More on this later.



Email Your Answers To The Questionaire To Me