The cool dudes are on their way to class
walking cool as they go but still kind of fast.
There are books in the bags that are on their backs
and as they walk in sync their feet make tracks.
The tracks are hard to see on the city concrete
but there are positive steps in the soles of their feet.

If you see them coming there is no need to feel alarm
because the song they are humming is not about harm.
They know that going to school will keep their futures bright
and they know that being cruel to a teacher is not right.
So the teachers in turn give them all respect
while helping them to learn a great intellect.




They will pay good attention once they get to class
to increase their comprehension at a rate quite fast.
Good student is their role, to excel is their goal
and they will scheme as a team to make it all unfold.
They will do so well in learning how to spell
that Jamaica in comparison will look kind of pale.

Jamaica is an island that sits in the sea
that has piled up champs in the Big Spelling Bee
as if they were trained in a spelling factory
and here in Chicago that's a fact soon to be.

When the dudes go to gym they stop to observe
the flight of the ball in it's parabolic curve.
And as they calculate the times that they hang

in the air
they compose positive rhymes that they are eager

to share.

And the shoes on their feet did not cost an arm and

a leg

making someone else rich while they have to beg.



But it may be cool to wear a name brand shoe

that does not have an exorbitant price
just so long as school is in your game plan too.
and you are willing to work smart and sacrifice.

Jamaica and Chicago will be co - champs
for we have first rate spellers in both of our camps
and mathletes like athletes we also have them 
for they play the game above the scholastic rim.

Motivation To Parent Groups:
Organize and send the best dozen Chicago Public

School spellers to Jamaica for a summer vacation.

And the parents who are wise
buy school supplies
while keeping open eyes
for the homework to be done.
And they help their son or daughter
find the proper place and order
for the  important things of life
including work and fun.

Go Chicago
and Go Jamaica in the sea
Akeelah has won
that spelling bee!

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