The City Council is where municipal laws are made.

It is a place where the foundations of the city's future are laid.

And all those who serve in that august forum

have a responsibility to keep the standards of urban decorum


at a level of high elevation...


And now that the Millennium did turn

all men and women who do earn

their living by attending to the city's affairs

should be rewarded with bigger shares...


of that municipal retail taxation.



I can't give you the raise that you deserve

but I can proceed to serve

you each with an Aldermanic Verse.

And if others should do the same

please remember my name

because I did it first.



(Under construction: some verses may be incomplete at present. Verses celebrating the work

of all 50 of the city council members will be written)





Alderman Manuel Flores (1st)


Alderman Flores has presented legislation for consumer protection, land use, banking

and healthcare,

showing the people who are responsible for his election that he truly does care.


And the law degree he obtained from the George Washington Law School

he uses as a effective tool in serving the constituents of the 1st ward,

for which he has attracted the investment of millions of dollars

creating jobs for blue and white collars

and giving new business development a vital head start.




Alderman Madeline L. Haithcock (2nd ward)


Whenever Alderman Haithcock is requested to take stock

of the city's financial position

she can easily thank her experience at a bank

for qualifying her for that mission.


And by staying involved with the local schools

she has resolved to help provide the tools

to facilitate excellence in education.

Which includes math computations of interest compounded

as part of a thoroughly well rounded

business or collegiate preparation.




Alderman Dorothy Tillman (3rd)


Who is the alderman who wears the stylish hats

and who has great city council voting stats?

Tillman is her name.

She knows that Chicago deserves a power song

so that it can stay economically strong

and achieve First City fame.


And Alderman Tillman does not want 40 acres and a mule

but a Lexus would be cool and better math texts for us in school.

Because with a knowledge of math, we can follow the career path

that will enable us to buy our own Lexus

and whatever else that comes next for us.


But there is nothing wrong with waiting for the next bus

while you're in pursuit of a noble goal

and if today each and every Lexus

has already been claimed or sold

just temporarily put your dreams on hold

and let them wait patiently on the shelf

and then prepare a plan that may seem bold

in which you will learn to design, manufacture

and distribute something better yourself.


In American history there were slaves

that is a simple historical fact

and the good alderman has explored possible ways

of having some of the profits turned back...


But a bank with a past slavery link

should not try to hide that embarrassing fact

if they so much as think

that the alderman will vote to approve

their application for a city contract.




++Alderman Toni Preckwinkle (4th)


Since Alderman Preckwinkle was a former High School teacher

it is not difficult to reach her

when there is a question about education.

And since she taught history for ten years

she can resolve any mystery when it appears

about the necessity of providing juveniles with proper motivation.


She has encouraged neighborhood/minority hiring and contracting

which is similar to calling and contacting

residents when new jobs are available.

She promoted the renovation of the Hyde Park Shopping Center

showing how an excellent aldermanic mentor

deals deals with an area whose condition is becoming assailable.




Alderman Leslie A. Hairston (5th)


Alderman Hairston's mother was an elementary school principal

and taught her daughter Leslie a basic principle

of how to attain success:

work in a manner that's efficient and sensible

avoid the mediocre and reprehensible

and always do your level best.


MidAmerica Bank now has a 5th ward facility

which is a reflection of the persuasive ability

that Alderman Hairston brings to all negotiations.

And the experience that she gained as an assistant

Attorney General for the State of Illinois,

the Buildings, Rules and Ethics committees now enjoys

in all their committee deliberations.




Alderman Freddrenna Lyle (6th )


Any poet with the talent of a child

can write that the smile of alderman Lyle

is a camera's delight.

But every since she took over from Alderman Steele

she has exhibited the skill

that made her one of John Marshall Law School's most bright.


The 3 new housing developments in Englewood

are just a small example of the greater good

that Alderman Lyle brings to her ward.

And her Park Manor neighbors

know that the unselfish favors

that she does for the community are all from the heart.




Alderman William Beavers (7th)


Alderman William Beavers may not have been a fan of the Cleavers

that sit - com from the past

but as a student of Harold Washington College

he gained valuable knowledge

at a pace pretty fast.


As the chairman of the committee on Budget and Government Operations

he has had many conversations

on finance and fiscal matters

and in the formulation of a budgetary plan he is more in command

than White Sox pitchers as they struck out batters.




Alderman Todd H. Stroger (8th)


An athlete is hard to beat

in the 100 meter dash

but a mathlete on La Salle street

can help the city save cash.


A mathlete excels in mathematical skills

just as an athlete excels on the sports fields.


Alderman Todd H. Stroger is a civic soldier

helping Chicago stay among the greats.

And with his background in math

he can help guide the city along the path

toward more favorable interest rates.




Alderman Anthony A. Beale (9th ward)


His efforts to ban the sale of liquor in his ward

shows that he has a high regard

for the future of the youth in the community.

And his efforts to combat the actions of gangs and thugs

and the incidents involving crime and drugs

will provide the youth of Roseland with a better opportunity.




Alderman John Pope (10th)


Alderman John Pope has a wide scope

in his visions for our town

and being from the far south side he must have a lot of pride

that the White Sox won the crown!

Unless he is a fan only of the Cubs in which case

he may be drowning his tears

in a thousand beers

over the next dozen years

before the city can give genuine cheers

to the World Champions Cubs.





Alderman Frank J. Olivo (13th ward)


Graffiti is much more than an eye sore

but is a vision of the unclean

and thanks to Alderman Olivo

there is less and not more of it to be seen.


Responsibility and accountability,

Alderman Olivo has come to represent.

These are representative of St. Mary Star of the Sea

where many of his grammar school days were spent.





Alderman Edward Burke (14th)


Alderman Edward Burke does great work

on behalf of Chicago.

And a better financial mind is very hard to find

anywhere east of Fargo.


Present Value is a concept

dealing with interest rates and finance

it has to do with what a future payment

is worth right now.

Alderman Burke makes sure that

the city's fiscal position is maximally enhanced

to the fullest extent

that the law will allow.




Alderman Danny Solis (25th)


The creation of a Tax Increment Financing district

better known as a TIF

will provide a much needed lift

to the economic potential of the 25th ward.


And due to the dedicated efforts of alderman Danny Solis

educational opportunities will increase

for the exceptional,

the gifted and the smart.


As President Pro Tempore of the city council

Danny knows that no other noun will

be as important a part of speech

or have the potential to reach

potential tourist and business men

future jurists and the top ten

baseball players who win




Alderman Bernard L. Stone (50th)


As Chairman of the Building Committee of our great City

Alderman Stone deserves to be commended.

For the magnificent design of our skyline

never has to be defended.




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