Chicago Tomorrow The Star of Today


We're Chicago

the city on the lake.

To Chicago

come and take a little break.

We're Chicago

the city in the wind.

Yes Chicago

is a perfect ten!


The Chicago style

is a big bright smile

so pack your bags

come and stay awhile.

The Chicago mood

like its tasteful food

will make you feel good

like a royal child.


It's Chicago

where business strive

yes Chicago

is boom town alive.

It's Chicago

where people get things done

for conventions

we're always number one.


We got the Sears Tower

and Big Bad Stan

and O'hare Field

where the jets can land,

We have great works of art

and Symphony One

and if that is not enough

there's the wind and sun.


We're Chicago

the city on the lake.

Happy people

are what we make.

It's Chicago

where the sun meets the wind

in Chicago

the fun never ends.


The magnificent mile

is the fashion of style

and there's State Street and the Mall

and Picasso and Chagall.


We're Chicago

Metro city number one

most efficient

is how our mechanisms run.

In Chicago

it's summer on the beach

in Chicago

fun is always within reach.


Chicago Tomorrow

your star shines today

Chicago Tomorrow

bids you come our way!


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