This page will feature verse that celebrates the achievements of notable individuals.

Under construction. More to be added.

Tamron Hall/Media Star


Tamron Hall of Fox News in the Morn

has looked good in all that she has worn

but it would be politically incorrect

not to mention her intellect.


Her intellect and wit are every bit

at the head of the class.

Her analysis of the news and skillful interviews

are highly unsurpassed.


So kudos to this daughter of Dallas

who seemingly without malice

has taken Chicago by storm

and has become not only a familiar face

but a competent media ace

and a journalist true to form.


So if she does'nt let praise go to her head

and continues to be well read

she will become a network star,

who will be more than a teleprompter reader

but a true communications leader

on the scale of media czar.


Denyce Graves Is An Outstanding

Mezzo Soprano

The Great Denyce Graves,

sings high above the treble staves

with a singularly beautiful sound.

As Carmen she is superb

and even "charming" is not the adverb

to describe a voice so profound.

When Denyce is on the stage

she is a sight to behold

and then when Denyce sings

it is a sound like gold.



Jennifer Aniston / Movie Actress

Jennifer Aniston

has overwhemingly won

the hearts of all of her fans

who are now patiently awaiting

to learn who she is dating

and her future career plans.

After graduating from the New York School of Performing Arts

she has consistently topped the charts

in such hits as "Friends"

and although "Rumor Has It" was not a critical hit

her friends are not worried one bit

that her future movies will win.


As the brunette with all of that hair 

and a figure more than fair

she is the sexy phenotype.

And she has the dramtic skills 

to fill the movie bills

with more than empty hype.


If I were a poet

I would write Jennifer a Verse

and before anyone else could read it

I would sent it to her first.



Tyra Banks is among the ranks of the

smartest ladies in the world

But yet and still her sensual appeal

makes her a very special girl.

Although she could still be on the cover

of Sports Illustrated

she has been there, done that and

now has graduated

to a higher position...

To help young women with their self-esteem

by working in connection with her media team,

to help them overcome their doubts

and inhibitions.

Tyra is definitely a lady to admire

for she now has started her own empire

and for that she deserves our thanks...

So let me conclude this Positive Verse

by being among the very first

to say that Tyra has a million in at least ten Banks.