Congratulations to Britney Spears who now has two great careers.
One as a celebrity and one as a Mom.
Just imagine that in 18 years Britney Spears will be prepping her kids for the prom!

But will Britney choose to wear new shoes the next time she is on with Dave?
Or what about a sexy perfume that will cause all of the men in the room to suddenly misbehave? Regardless of what shoes or perfume she stylishly wears when Britney is in the room she attract the stares... of admiration.

But what if Justin is just busting off his tail trying to send Britney a secret email?

But if Justin is busy busting his tail to get new Timber in the Lake
will the production crew start dusting the set for a Justin/Britney Timber re-make?

In A Scene From A New Movie Script (?):

Britney changes slips while slipping on her watch
and before putting her hands on her hips she sips a drink of scotch.
She carefully brushes her hair and removes a pair of rings from her ears
and then with lungs full of air she expertly sings the hits of other stars careers.

But Britney has to watch for changes in the scripts because instead of sipping scotch she will be pouting  with her lips: 
in preparation for a fresh application of red lip stick.
But she has to practice her hand to eye coordination 
so she can do this real quick
in one smooth operation...
without dropping the lip stick, the ear rings, the watch or
the scotch.

When Britney has her next baby and then gets back into shape
then just maybe she will be able to escape
the attention of all the men when she walks into a room
because she did stand at the altar as a bride with a groom.

It is a fact that each member of the average group of guys
would not be telling the truth not to mention telling lies
if each one of them strongly denies
that his very own pair of optical eyes
would not be focused upon her thighs.
 But will Britney and Whitney the wife of Bobby Brown work with Sidney
to produce a new sound? But who is Sidney?

Sidney is the well known production engineer who seems to be missing all proof of his career?

Britney has quite a complex persona
as a celebrity, wife and mother who occasionally kisses Madonna.

No review of a celebrity's life can go without a word on the husband or wife.

Kevin Federline found himself a gold mine if a restrictive pre-nuptial he did not sign.
If the man escaped signing a strong pre - nup
then there is a silver lining in his gold plated cup!

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