The Truth may be written in a line that is straight

as an accurate record of things said and done.

But freedom is the ability to willingly participate

in all lawful activities under the sun.


The Truth will resist any inclination

to be translated into the frame of a ruse

but since the original lie has had many reformulations

it still exists as an agent of abuse.


A rest frame is a name that is given to a frame

that serves as a reference to a state of peace

where one is free from the struggles of the game

in which some will even seek power and fame

by forming an alliance with the Beast.


But it is not cool to make a deal with the Fool

who is destined to burn in eternal heat

for all of his power will disappear within the hour

in which his destruction will be complete

but he still will feel the eternal flame of the heat.



“And you will know the truth, and the truth will

make you free.” These words spoken by Christ constitutes

perhaps the most profound statement made in over two

thousand years.


Because a statement of what is true

is a statement of what is fact

and it will free you to do

or it will free you to act

with a full knowledge of the consequences.


And a knowledge of what is a lie

will motivate you not to try

the things that are a danger in the long run

but in the present will leave you no stranger to fun

by stimulating the baser senses.



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