The Navy In Action!


A U.S. Naval Task Force

operating on the high seas

will track and plot the course

of spent satellite debris.


Force = mass multiplied by acceleration

is your basic equation of motion.

It applies in almost every situation

even out over the ocean.

The equations of motion will determine

the precise orbital path

with high speed computers doing

all of the detailed math.


It is best to intercept the target

over international waters

as far as we can get

from territorial borders.

The whole operation

will be an adventure in high tech

that will require the coordination

of all hands on deck.




But what about searching and destroying the asteroids

before they crash through the atmosphere

and destroy all of the steroids

wine, cheese and beer?

And what about that new rumor

full of mystery and intrigue

about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens

forming a new minor league!?