The  Future “Sister In Law”


Maybe her best bet is to play hard to get

and then set her standards higher

then maybe the “boyz in the hood”

will start treating  her real good

because they respect and admire her.



Don't sit in his lap as if you're his laptop computer
just because he has a rap that says that you are cuter
than any chick that he has ever seen.
Just tell him to get out of the gang
before he and you can ever hang
together in a sensual romantic scene.

Tell him to go to school and learn some skills
so that he can legally earn money to pay the bills
and navigate his way through the maze of finance.
Then the two of you can get married and buy a home
before buying a Lexus with expensive chrome
putting big money in the pockets of the car dealer's pants.

It is better to take the next bus
than to buy a Lexus
if you don't have a parking garage.
And it does not take an expensive car to make the man
but it is helpful to have a good game plan
to put yourself in a position to live nice and large.

But you will have to watch out for the  Madoff
or he will have made off
with all of the savings that you will accrue.
So learn how to calculate
so that you will know when not to participate
in a deal that is too good to be true.






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