Will the Patriots do a Super Fold

and be perfect except for the Super Bowl?


Will Tom Bradyís ankle permit him to pass

especially on plays that are long,

or will the Giantís pass rush be too fast

aggressively and strong?


Will the great Armani Toomer

fake out each defensive back

and then catch a long boomer

from Eli the quarterback?


Who will consistently hit

his receivers deep in stride

and who will consistently be hit

by linebackers blitzing outside?


New England has won eighteen,

will they win one more time?

Some think that it is almost as certain

as rappers rapping with rhyme.


Yes the Giants would like to stop

the Patriots from winning the crown

but pigs would like to sprout wings

and fly off the ground!


Well enough about football,

Baseball will soon be back!

So you can soon gather all of those Louisville


and put them on the rack.






A skinny physically unimposing 12 year old wannabe quarterback,

who made a friendly wager(with his parents permission (?)),

needs a little consolation because...


He saw his favorite passing hero

take a vicious fumbling sack

and so that he can reduce his losses to zero,

he wants his whole quarter back!