Summer In December In Chicago


Summer does not begin

on the first day of June

but every drop of the cold by then,

will be virtually wind strewn.


But if you want to see the stars

on hot summer nights

then you should stay away from cars

and the bright city lights.


July will just lie

on it own calendar page

until June is good and ready

to leave center stage

then there will be highs in the high 80ís

and waves will be on the beach.

And lots of pretty lovely ladies

who will appear just out of reach.


August will probably dog us

with gusts of hot air

but unlike April it will not fog us

with more than our share


of liquid precipitation.


But Augie Donatelli

did not sing like Corelli

even in August the month


But Augie probably witnessed a lot of flubs

by the hapless playing Cubs

in trying to execute a successful bunt.


So now comes September

and the folding of the Cubs

and fans who will not remember

what drinks they were holding in pubs


when the Cubs were eliminated.


So you donít have to be a fake seer

reading a bunch of tea leaves

or be drunk from wine and beer

to predict that a World Series


victory will be enthusiastically celebrated


not by the fans Cubs

but by fans who are intoxicated

and loyal to other clubs

partying in pubs







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