Study Plan


Set up a study plan for each week
and raise your hand for permission to speak
when you are in class.
Treat your teacher with due respect
so that he can help you to raise your intellect
and your grades will improve real fast...

and so...

Believe in yourself and
Excellence will soon follow,
and let victory be your
Quest, and don't defer your dreams
Until tomorrow, but get on the
Intellectual and the cerebral
Express and then success will put you on one of it's

If You Are Looking For A Clue

The clue is in you and inside of your mind
and if you want to rap do it under the plus sign.
And every snitch that turns in a crook
will  play some part in the history book.
And the snitch does not even have to give his name
but the thug will get busted just the same.

But if you really want the gangs to stop busting caps,
then tell your sisters to stop sitting in their laps
and tell them to take this attitude with every courting dude
“if you are in a gang or if you do drugs
then with me you can't bang or even get hugs”.
“I want a ring on my finger before I have sex and if you can't deal
with it,
you will just be my ex”.

It might take three or four years,
more in some cases
but eventually there will be far fewer tears
in the crying faces...
of the mothers who have lost an innocent child
to a stray bullet shot from a whole long mile
or from just across the street.






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