Scientists of Note



Adrian Bejan


On the laws of thermodynamics

he is highly informed 

and he could one day comprehend the mechanics

of a tornado or storm


right down to the last detail.


Then weather prediction could be made more precise

and even a calculation of a future stock price

could be easily ran on a spread sheet like Excel.


He wrote a book on Heat Transfer and the conditions under which it may occur.




Lisa Randall


Lisa Randall has the brains to handle
branes and strings and stuff.
Things that the ordinary mind
most likely will find
to be too difficult and tough.

And in her book length publication
she provides an eloquent explanation
of higher spatial dimensionality.
So perhaps she will write the definitive article
when the elusive Higgs particle
is observed in actual reality.

Lisa Randall knows more about the curvature of space-time

than the average rapper knows about rhyme.





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