Rule of Gold


It is time for all members of the Christian Church

to diligently search for the true meaning

of the Golden Rule.

For it will keep your pathway straight.

And if you do unto others

as you would have them reciprocate

then only a few will respond with hate.


For every action there is an equal and opposite


just as you learned in your physics class.

And for every kind word there is generated

an attraction

of the good things that may come to pass.



The Power of the Air


God is like the air

invisible but indispensable

and if America unites in prayer

she will always be invincible.


For who can knock a killer asteroid

off of its potential deadly course?

Well man has nothing that can now be deployed

with sufficient preventive force?


So why not be a nation of prayer?

Then we just might continue to avoid

all great disasters

including an asteroid.



More Quality Time or a new Ipod?

An Essay in Rhyme about which one

should get the nod.


The price of necessities such as ipods and cell phones

are prohibitively expensive and high.

And parents can hardly afford them

no matter how hard they work and try.


So both parents have to work

to give the kids all the gadgets they need.

But this could also create a fertile ground

for the lethal jerk to sullenly lurk and breed.


The kind of jerk who could bring lethal destruction

inside of a lecture hall

causing the innocent to frantically run, scream

and crawl...


So perhaps one parent should work at home

and provide the kids with tender nurturing care

and just before school take the comb

and comb little Johnny’s hair.


Is not he an asset1

of the most priceless kind?

So make sure that he will get

the best day care you can find.


Who can do it better than you,

one of his parents?


Of course TV is not an accurate depiction

of the modern trends in life

but what were the most important things

to Ward Cleavers’ wife?2


And just how many school shootings

did the 1950’s bring about

and how many expensive gadgets were there then

that the kids could not do without?


It is true that many of today’s gizmos

had not been invented then

but when a kid got back home from school

there was a parent to greet him in.


The camera crew will eventually come to interview

the parents of the perpetrator.

To ask them if they knew or had any clue

of the tragic things that he would do later.


So if you are a parent of a growing kid

and you want to diminish the chance of

such a future shock,

then perhaps you should take the time to bid

up the value of your own human stock...

in your own kids.


Invest quality time with your kids just like you save and

invest for their college education.




1.) Human Capital is an important part of any corporate

    enterprise. But most parents tend to forget that

    their own children are very important human assets

    and deserve an investment of quality time.


2.) Ward and June Cleaver were the parent characters of the 

    1950-60’s sitcom “Leave It To Beaver”



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