Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (outlawing workplace discrimination

against women and minorities) women have made substantial progress. This is perhaps

no more evident than in the U.S. Senate where there are no less than sixteen members

of the female gender. Most of these Senators could probably be described as being

self-made politicians. They have advanced by utilizing their own abilities and political

skills and most Americans are proud of the diversity that they bring to that august

legislative body.


Of course it could be argued that a certain presidential candidate who is a former

first lady does not fit that description: of being a substantially self-made politician.

But then again she still might have become a Senator from New York even if she had

opted to get out of that dysfunctional marriage as many other women may have

chosen to do: in similar circumstances. However, as is well known, things did work

themselves out quite well in that marriage.


It should be pointed out, nonetheless, that a certain Rev. Jeremiah Wright played a

part in providing the spiritual guidance that kept that presidential marriage from falling

apart. One wonders if he ever received a personalized thank you note for his efforts?


But there are many women of all ages and races, who are struggling to pay the

cost of college tuition for themselves or their daughters, who would love to get a

heads up on financial opportunities: especially in the securities and the futures

market. Why doesn't the Senator from New York share with her supporters

the investment and/or speculative techniques that she and her advisers used to

turn a $1000 investment into a $100,000 windfall. That is a 100 fold multiplication

of her original wager (or investment)!


Even if the typical woman (or man for that matter) puts up a thousand dollars and

it is only multiplied by a factor of ten, then she will still be able to pay a lot of her

daughters' (or sons') tuition bills with the extra $9000.


Hopefully we are not grasping at straws here and it turns out that the presidential

candidate has forgotten the details of the financial magic that she (or her advisers) used

in that astonishing financial achievement: just as she forgot (and therefore mis-spoke)

about the real extent of the “sniper fire” in Bosnia.


With the price of gas approaching $5 a gallon, the stock market collapsing as a

result of the sub-prime loan scandal, a voter can't be blamed if she or he dreams

of getting a good tip on the cattle futures or the stock market: from someone

who has had great success in at least one of those areas.


One can only wonder about what condition the economy will be in when our troops

from Iraq and Afghanistan (many of whom have been under real sniper fire) finally

get back home.



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