Positive R.A.P. = Positive Random Action Program (or Project)


The Positive Random Action Program

is a project that is designed to slam

the door shut on the slow destruction

of the inner city community.

And to replace it with random acts of good will

that will not maim or kill

but will replace despair

with equal opportunity.


The Positive Random Action Project

is based upon the logic

that if you randomly pick someone

to be the recipient of a kind deed

then eventually one less person with a gun

will shoot an innocent daughter or son

leaving the loved ones almost helpless

as the victim does bleed...


So just pick someone at random

to be the recipient of a gift

because it will make you feel more handsome

to give someone else a lift.


Especially if that person is in need

of a helping hand.


Because what goes around

will eventually come back to you

and as trivially as it may sound

it is fundamentally true

that Positive R.A.P.ís of kindness

will put the community in command

and will in time rescind the blindness

that has over shadowed the land.






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