Play On Words


What did you hear

the wise man say

when he was reviewing

words at play?



Scattered light oscillating

in a molecular quantum state

festive occasions with people celebrating

the union of a bride and her mate.

Beams of neutrons in a cyclotron

galaxies full of stars far away

reclusive tributaries of the Amazon

where a mouse is king for a day.


But the rain drops still fell

though they were far from being wet

and the accelerating vehicular cell

had not been invented yet.

But the sounds were still there

suspended in modulated vibration

filling the festive air

with a special celebration.


And the waves were still in phase

on the spectral oscilloscope

moving with periodic displays

of the tangentially coordinated slope

where science does contemplate

the existence of powers unseen

and tries to calculate

the meaning of the mean.


But the mean is the average

in school the kids are taught

so where does that leave the meaning

that has always been sought?





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