Philosophy and Humor


The Truth is easy to remember

because of the fact that it is true

but sometimes the old lies

will get confused with the new.



When a letter is properly written

none of the letters should be hidden

from the readerís line of view.

And when an article

is worth being read

the things that have been said

hopefully will all be true.



If there is an excess of pharmaceuticals

in your office cubicles

then someone may be addicted to legal drugs.

But if your stock screener selects the wrong picks

in response to careful mouse clicks

then your computer may have a virus or bugs.



There will be a statement from the State

when the prosecution presents its case

but not before the defendant

is caught in the chase

after attempting to flee

from judicial due process

and not looking too guiltily

when the prosecution comes to rest.


But if O.J. is convicted

of this less serious crime

it is hereby predicted

that he will still get lots of time.



If a man is handsome

He will likely hand some to his kids.

But if he is ugly

his love life could hit the skids.


But this theory is too simple

it canít hold much water

because a woman with a dimple

could have a square jawed daughter.






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