Philosophy and Humor.2



By pulling the proper lever

you can be elevated to a higher level

of your chosen career.

And by being very clever

you can seldom if ever

drink too much wine or beer.



You read the paper to get the news

or perhaps surf the Internet.

But a financial con will probably use

bad paper to sell you worthless mortgage debt.



The financial system is composed

of several different sectors

inter-connected by position vectors

with respect to a system of financial coordinates.


But to fix the problems

we need a Systems Approach

so that the solution of sector A

will not encroach

upon the good that sector B

efficiently generates.



The Citizens of Main Street

have stocks invested in their pension funds

so they have a vested interest

in how well Wall Street runs.

But Wall Street has tried to generate

a false cash flow

so that Main Street could watch

all the dividends grow.


So Wall Street used the sub-prime loans

to enter into higher false profit zones

and fatten up the bottom-most line.

And now the false prophets

that Main Street sought to hear

have rewarded the faithful with the grip of fear

and put themselves in the Bail-Out Line.


But it is easy to bail out

in a golden parachute

with $million of dollars

in ill earned loot.







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