Beauty and Truth


Beauty can be found abundantly among the youth
but few are wise enough to know the truth.
And while there are some who are both old and wise, 

only Eternity can banish some of the lies.

Yes Beauty and Truth,
of these precious two,
one is to be trusted
and the other is often desired.

Yes Beauty and Truth
have an elegance too
although one may become rusted
and eventually retired.


Halloween Eve Party For Stock Brokers


The time is now opportune

for an aria in B flat

so don’t hesitate to bring

a lady who is fat!


And let her sing

an operatic tune.


And maybe when the guests

start to listen and hear

their financial anxieties

will completely disappear


so that they start to believe

that the time to buy stocks

is again opportune.



Fear and Greed


“The only thing we have to fear

is fear itself.”

because in a crisis

fear can often block


things from quickly getting better.


But when the greedy

has stopped being consumed with greed

he still craves to feed

a big fat belly...


now bulging out from his sweater.



The Quote is from FDR






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